Visiting St. Thomas Island? Why Book A Private Tour Of The Island

If you're going to St. Thomas Island on vacation, you want to take in as many sites as you can. One way to do that is by booking a tour of the island. But you don't want to book a basic tour, you'll want to book a private tour of the island instead. A private tour lets you take control of the experience. That way, you're in charge of your own fun.

Top Reasons You Should Take A Private Jet With Kids Instead Of Commercial

You may be planning on taking a trip in which you have to fly to your chosen destination. While this can be a fun and exciting time for families who are looking forward to getting away, flying on a commercial plane can have its challenges, especially when traveling with kids. Instead of taking a commercial airplane, you should consider taking a private plane that offers you plenty of space for your family like a Diamond 62 rental.

FAQs About Parking At The Airport

People often park their cars at the airport before they leave on their flight. This can be the most convenient option because it means you can drive yourself to the airport, and then have your vehicle there ready and waiting when you return. Airport parking does come with some intricacies, though, so it's worth reviewing these FAQs before your first time utilizing this service. Do you have to make a reservation to park?