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Top Reasons You Should Take A Private Jet With Kids Instead Of Commercial

You may be planning on taking a trip in which you have to fly to your chosen destination. While this can be a fun and exciting time for families who are looking forward to getting away, flying on a commercial plane can have its challenges, especially when traveling with kids.

Instead of taking a commercial airplane, you should consider taking a private plane that offers you plenty of space for your family like a Diamond 62 rental. Here are some top reasons why you should rent a private plane to fly with your kids. 

Private Jets Have More Individual Space

If you have flown on a commercial plane before you know how limited each person's own space is. You have a cramped seat with not much legroom and you don't always get to sit together on the plane. This isn't the case on a private plane charter.

When you book a private plane charter you will have more space for your family to spread out. This means more comfortable seating for the trip with plenty of legroom. If the kids like having the window seats, they most likely each can have their own.

If you are traveling with very young children or babies you may need to bring along a lot of extra items for their comfort and needs. This could include strollers, cribs or playpens, and more. A private plane charter has more cargo space available to you for whatever your needs are.

Flexible Departure Time

When you fly commercially you must stick to the airline's departure schedule. When you have kids along it's not always easy to get them all ready and to the airport in time for the flight. When you book a private plane charter like a Diamond 62 rental, you can request a more flexible departure time.

in fact, you can ask the charter company or pilot for a sliding departure time. This means you could potentially book within a specific window in which to arrive at the airport and take off. This takes the pressure off of you to get all the kids ready and to the airport in record time. You can start your vacation relaxed instead of stressed.

Snack And Meal Needs Are Met

Your kids may be picky eaters and on a commercial flight you get very little choice on what meals and snacks are served. In some cases, no meals are served at all. This isn't the case with a private plane charter.

When you book a private plane like a Diamond 62 rental, you can request specific snacks and meals be on board for you and your kids. it may be possible to bring your own snacks on board that your kids like as well. You can check with the charter company at the time of booking. Most private charters will make the effort to ensure your flight is a pleasant one.