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Visiting St. Thomas Island? Why Book A Private Tour Of The Island

If you're going to St. Thomas Island on vacation, you want to take in as many sites as you can. One way to do that is by booking a tour of the island. But you don't want to book a basic tour, you'll want to book a private tour of the island instead. A private tour lets you take control of the experience. That way, you're in charge of your own fun. If you're not sure how a private tour differs from a regular tour, read the list provided below. Here are four important reasons to book a private tour when you visit St. Thomas Island. 

Choose Your Own Schedule

Now that you're planning an island vacation, you want to plan your own schedule. But you can't do that when you book a traditional tour of the island. That's because most tours follow strict schedules. You won't need to worry about that when you book a private tour of the island. With a private tour, you get to set your own schedule. This is especially beneficial if you're part of a cruise. You can arrange your private island tour around your port stop. That way, you don't miss any of the fun. 

Enjoy Dining and Shopping

If you've never visited St. Thomas Island before, now's the time to book a private tour. This is especially beneficial if you want to do some shopping and dining while you're on the island. Your private tour guide can take you to all the best locations for shopping and dining. Once you've had your private tour, you can navigate the island on your own. 

Spend Time at the Beach

If you want to spend time at the beach, a private tour of the island is one of your best options. One of the great things about booking a private tour is that you can visit the local beaches. During your tour, you can plan activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, and kayaking. Or you can kick back and relax on the sand for a couple of hours. 

Learn About the History

If you like to learn about historical facts when you travel, a private tour is a great way to go. When you take a private tour, your tour guide can give you brief history lessons about the sites you visit. That way, you can get historical information from the people who live on the island. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for St. Thomas island tours from local services.