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FAQs About Parking At The Airport

People often park their cars at the airport before they leave on their flight. This can be the most convenient option because it means you can drive yourself to the airport, and then have your vehicle there ready and waiting when you return. Airport parking does come with some intricacies, though, so it's worth reviewing these FAQs before your first time utilizing this service.

Do you have to make a reservation to park?

This depends on the airport. At some airports, reservations are absolutely required. At other airports, they are optional. However, even if reservations are optional, it is generally in your best interest to reserve a parking spot at the airport. This way, you won't risk showing up to find that the lot is full, which would be a disaster when you need to fly out in a few hours. Also, many parking lots offer better deals for those who make a reservation ahead of time, and the savings can be substantial when you're parking for a week or more.

How long can you park?

Most airport parking lots do not have a strict limit as to how long you can park. It's common for people to go away for a few weeks or even a month, and as such, airport parking lots are equipped to let cars stay in the lot this long. In fact, if you plan on leaving your car for a longer period, you can often get a discounted monthly rate. Do note, however, that cars that are parked for longer periods may need to be in a lot further from the airport so they're out of the way as people come and go. If this is the case, there is almost always a shuttle that will take you from your car to the airport terminal.

How do you pick your car up when you get back?

When you park your car at the airport, you will be given a voucher or receipt. Sometimes this is paper, and other times, it is electronic. When you return, you can simply show that receipt to the parking attendant, and they will let you leave with your car. They may even shuttle you over to your car.

 To learn more about different types of airport parking services, such as hourly airport parking reservations and monthly airport parking reservations, contact the airport parking service you are thinking about using.