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Going White Water Rafting? Tips To Keep You Safe On Your First Adventure

If you're going white water river rafting this spring, now's the time to prepare. Preparation is especially important if this is your first white water adventure. White water rafting is a great way to explore the water. But, it can get dangerous, especially if you're not prepared. If you've never gone white water rafting before, read the list provided below. This information will help you get started. 

Understand River Classes

If you're planning a white water river trip, make sure you understand the different river classes. White water rivers are set up in classes. Each class lets you know how intense the ride will be. The classes are ranked from I to V, with V being the most difficult to navigate. If you're a beginner, plan your first white water adventure on a class I river. That way, you can start out slow, and work your way up to class V. 

Choose the Right Guide

If you're ready to take on a white water river adventure, be sure to choose the right guide. If you've gone river rafting before, you might think you can forgo the guide. That's not the case though. A lot can go wrong when you're white water rafting, especially if you don't have a guide with you. Your white water river guide will help you navigate the river. But, they'll also keep you safe along the way. 

Learn Safety Methods

If you're going white water river rafting for the first time, now's the time to learn some safety measures. First, you always want to wear your helmet and life jacket when you're on the raft. These items will keep you safe during your adventure down the river. Next, learn how to hold your paddles. Holding your paddle correctly will help you avoid accidents and injuries. Finally, learn how to swim for safety. If you get knocked out of the raft, you'll need to swim. Before you leave on your adventure, ask your guide to teach you the best swimming techniques. 

Plan for Your Group

If you're going white water river rafting with a group, be sure to ask about their experience levels. This is important information when deciding on the type of river to explore. If you have beginners in the group, it's a good idea to plan your trip around a Class I or Class II white water river. That way, everyone stays safe during the trip.

For more information on how to enjoy a white water rafting experience, contact a company near you.