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5 Types Of Signs That Make Your Wedding And Reception Better

Signage at your wedding is an important, but often underappreciated, part of a successful ceremony and reception. What sort of signage should you include at your venue? Here are a few signs any couple may want to consider. 

1. Directional Signs.

Probably the most important signage is anything that helps guests and vendors find their way around the venue. This might include directions to the entrance, to the restrooms, to the bridal prep rooms, and to food and beverage stations. Coordinate directional signs with the ballroom or venue based on their experience and signs they already provide. 

2. Menu Signs.

Menu signs help make food and beverage service easier and faster. They're particularly important if you serve a buffet dinner or offer appetizers. But you may also use them at tables to help people know what choices they have or to explain limited bar service options or payment. 

3. Décor Signs.

Wedding signs are a great addition to the decorations. The types of signs vary depending on your style and theme. They could include oversize marquee letters on the wall or lining the entrance, signs at the sweetheart table, or sweet handwritten sayings and notes as part of the décor. This is the time to express your personality. Signs are also easy and cheap décor additions. 

4. Prop Signs.

Signs can be props too. Using a photo booth at the reception? Add some cute signs with the wedding date, the couple's names, or the wedding hashtag for guests to use in selfies. The couple as well as their attendants can also use small signs as props in their photo sessions. 

5. Instructional Signs.

Finally, where could your wedding party or guests use more information to smooth things along? The most common types of instructional signs are table and escort cards. These instruct people where and how to find their assigned seats. You might also use instructional signs to indicate which family members are in which group photos or where the wedding party should stand before the procession. 

What signs would make your wedding or reception even better? No matter whether you want easy and beautiful décor, something that helps people find their way, or props for fun, the right signage can solve many challenges at your nuptials. Learn more about deploying signs throughout your wedding by meeting with a wedding venue in your area today. 

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