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Where To Drop A Boat When You Need To Get Out Of The Water Quickly

In the event that you ever need to get out of the water quickly, but you do not want to leave your boat floating aimlessly, you may need some haul-out services. You will need to drop the boat somewhere. Haul-outs services may be of assistance. Here are some suggestions.

Bury the Boat in the Reeds

If you can find some very marshy areas where alligators are not a problem, you can stow the boat here. Just be aware that marshes and swamps can change appearances and directions with the next major storm. Also, somebody could easily come across the boat and steal it. You might want to consider another option for storing the boat.

Find a Shoreline Haul-out to Stash the Boat

There are many places where you can stash your boat on a shoreline haul-out. Boats here are simply overturned and set to rest on top of each other. If your boat is the usual silver aluminum, white or other basic color, it will easily blend in in plain sight. Anyone can spot or see another person taking a boat from this pile, which may help identify anyone who has stolen or has attempted to take your boat from the pile.

Steer the Boat into a Dry Dock

Paddle or motor your boat into a ramp area where there is a dry dock nearby. Storing and hiding the boat in dry dock will cost you a little, but it is worth the expense to keep your boat really safe. The boat can even hang upside down overhead in dry dock, making it impossible to tell from any of the other boats overhead.

"Sling" the Boat

Boats hung in slings are a normal sight in a marina. Placing your boat in a sling just off the side of the dock does two things for your particular situation. First, it hides the boat from plain view, and second, it makes it easy to release the boat into the water and climb into it quickly. You will need a boat tarp and an open sling area in the marina to do this.

Sell the Boat

Finally, maybe what you should do is just sell the boat. If it does not have any identifying marks, writing or colors on it, a boat haul-out company may buy it from you. Some of these companies rent the extra boats they keep on hand, and buying it will give you a little extra cash on the run.