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Traveling With Dogs: Avoiding Extra Charges Or Unexpected Problems At The Rental House

Vacation home rentals provide an appealing accommodation option at an affordable price. There is more room, it is more comfortable for groups and families and it offers many home-style amenities. Dog owners often prefer home rentals because the pet has more room to move around and will be less likely to disturb people in neighboring homes than someone in an adjoining hotel room. Here are some tips to avoid any unnecessary charges or complications during the stay. 

Tell the Truth

Be honest about the age, breed and size of the pet as well as how much they bark. Making a dog out to be something it is not could result in being asked to leave or having the property owner insist the pet be removed. Trying to sneak in a pet is never a good idea. Homes that are not pet-friendly will be owned by people that will instantly detect their fur and their smell. If caught, it could mean being asked to leave mid-vacation and result in a lot of extra charges because of this request. 

Know the Charges

Nearly every rental will charge a cleaning and pet fee or a deposit. A fee and a deposit are two very different things. It is important to know which one will be charged because the difference could be a few hundred dollars. A fee is charged regardless of the behavior of the guest but a deposit is a refundable amount that is returned when the guest behaves as expected. Cleaning up after the dog (this includes scooping outside after bathroom breaks too) is simple for pet owners that do it every day. By maintaining the same level of hygiene on vacation as is used at home it will be easier to get the entire deposit returned. 

Understand the Neighborhood

Choosing the right neighborhood is one way to ensure there are no concerns, extra charges or complications when traveling with a dog. Look for rentals in pet-friendly neighborhoods and travel to towns that are known for how accommodating they are to pets. Browse through community information boards and local online newspapers to find out about dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and dog services in the area. When the dog is included in more events there is less risk of a bored pet soiling or otherwise damaging the rental home while it waits for its owner to return. 

Openness, honesty and understanding the rules of the rental service are vitally important to avoid any nasty surprises when the final bill is tallied. Many rental home owners are happy to include canine family members in their homes if the owners are responsible and the pets well-mannered. Always contact the rental company or the owner directly for the answers to any questions not specifically mentioned in their rental advertisements. For more information, contact a business site like StayInBNB.com.