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Going On A Wine Tour? Here Are The Things You Should Keep In Mind

A wine tour is the best way to experience the world of wine. It is a great way to not only gather more information about wines, but also to have fun, especially if you let a few of your friends tag along. This, in addition to group tours being more economical, makes going on a wine tour a great way to spend your holiday. However, while such a tour is guaranteed to be fun, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind if you want to have an exciting and incident-free experience. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping ensure that you have a successful wine tour.

Avoid wearing fragrance

Taking in the varied and subtle aromas of wine is an important part of a wine-tasting experience. Wearing heavily scented cologne will interfere with this experience as it will overpower the scent of the wines that you will be tasting. Furthermore, powerful perfumes will also interfere with the experiences of others in the tasting room. You may therefore end up having unfriendly looks when on your tour.

Mind the weather and terrain

Dressing stylishly helps put you in the right mood for an event as sophisticated as wine tasting. However, you should keep in mind that the tasting is sometimes done outdoors. And if it is in the middle of summer, making sure that you wear light clothing and carry an umbrella and a bottle of sunscreen is important. Keeping off heels is also advisable if visiting vineyards is part of your wine tour activities.

Mind your alcohol tolerance level

When tasting wine, it is not a must to spit. This is so especially if your have a few wine-tasting events to attend to. However, you should always remember that wine contains alcohol and the sips of wine that you take on your tour can get you drunk. This will ruin your experience and those of other wine tasters, especially if you tend to get loud when drunk.

To avoid getting inebriated, you can always spit the wine after sipping and inhaling the wine. And since some wineries allow people to split a tasting, you can do this with your friend. This will not only reduce the rate at which you reach your threshold, but also help lower the overall cost of your tour.

The most important thing to remember is that the tour is meant to be a fun exploration adventure. Keep an open mind when on a tour and you will be surprised as to how educational your tour will be. Contact a company like Ambassador Limousine to learn more.