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Tips To Prevent You From Leaving Things Behind At Hotels

When they get packed up and ready to check out of their hotel, many guests go through a panicked few minutes of looking high and low around their room to make sure that they didn't leave something behind. It's an awful feeling to realize later in the day that you left something at the hotel, especially if it's not convenient to return to retrieve the item. While a quick, last-minute search of your room is never a bad idea, there are better ways to reduce the risk of leaving something behind. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Live Out Of Your Suitcase

Sure, it might be tempting to unpack your suitcase upon arriving to your room, but the more things you unpack, the greater chance there will be that you leave something behind. It's often a better strategy to simply live out of your suitcase. This means that when it's time to brush your teeth, pull out your brush, brush your teeth and then immediately return the brush to the suitcase instead of setting it down on the bathroom counter. Repeated habits of this nature mean that when you're ready to check out, you'll know that all of your possessions are in the suitcase where they should be.

Make The Bed In The Morning

While one of the joys about staying in a hotel might be that you don't have to make the bed, it's always a good idea to complete this simple job. When the bed is made, it's less likely to hide anything you might have left on the bed. For example, if you place some socks on the bed at night and then throw back the covers in the morning, the socks will be buried. In many cases, it's too easy to completely overlook the socks. However, by carefully making the bed before you check out, you're more apt to find anything that belongs to you that would otherwise be left behind.

Don't Bring In More Than You Need

It's always a good idea to take as little as possible into your room with you. Don't simply empty your vehicle when you stop at the hotel – many of the things you're traveling with aren't needed in the room, and carting them all inside only increases the chance that you'll mistakenly leave something behind. If you've been shopping for example, keep the bags and boxes in the trunk during your hotel visit.