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Bahamas Yacht Rental: Five Film Locations You Can Visit

The tropical location of the Bahamas is beautiful and breathtaking, one of the main reasons so many film crews have chosen to shoot there through the years. If you're a movie-lover, then you can turn a Bahamas vacation into your own personal tour of actual locations used to film Hollywood hits and some classic titles. By booking a yacht charter in the Bahamas, you can travel to various islands and visit the actual locations where movies were filmed. As part of your travels, you can take pictures, recreate scenes, and feel a personal connection to some of these titles. Browse through five different movies that take place in the Bahamas. Each one has a different location that you can visit during your travels.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The third entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was filmed all over the world, with some key filming locations taken directly in the Bahamas. Scenes in the film featuring magical compasses, white sandy beaches, and the eventual discovery of the Dead Man's Chest were all filmed in the Bahamas. Specifically, these locations are known as the Exuma islands. South of Nassau, the small chain of islands are almost all only accessible by a boat. When renting a yacht, it makes it easy to access the islands and discover the same beaches that Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom traveled on. A large sandbar known as Sandy Cay is a great spot to visit and features wide open beach areas with a spectacular look at the sunset each day.


It's only fitting that a mermaid film would have feature on-location scenes in the tropical paradise of the Bahamas. The Tom Hanks film features multiple locations. One of the main locations was Castaway Island, a private island now owned by Disney. Aside from that, you can visit the beaches of Abaco, another location used to film mermaid beach scenes. The beaches are known for their white sands, great plant life, and clear views of the water.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

The Sandra Bullock sequel may pale in comparison to the original, but there's no denying some of the beautiful locations that were shot for Speed 2: Cruise Control. To shoot the underwater scenes, the film crew headed to small sections of islands south of Nassau in the Bahamas. The water in this area is crystal clear, providing clear views of sea life and the bottom of the ocean as you travel over areas in a yacht rental. When cruising around for the day, you can relive dramatic scenes from the film or just take in some of the amazing ocean sights.

Casino Royale

James Bond films have been filmed all over the world and there have been numerous entries that have filmed on-location in the Bahamas. One of the newest Bond titles to feature the beaches is Casino Royale. Feel like a secret agent as you travel to New Providence and take in the same beaches that Bond did as he went on some of his first missions through the training program. This is a great area for swimming or laying out on your yacht deck. You can also enjoy some luxury foods and drinks much like James Bond does throughout all of his films.

The Silence of the Lambs

The gritty film may have a lot of dark scenes and settings, but everything really brightens up in the closing moments when Hannibal Lecter travels to the Bahamas to evade escape from the FBI. Those brief scenes take place on the Bimini Islands, a chain of islands located on the west side of Bahamas. These islands have a number of beaches and plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy great cuisine.

By working with a charter company, such as Charter Bonaparte, you can give a list of your ideal locations to visit and relax as you are taken to each location and enjoy all of the sights that there are to offer.