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5 Tips For Planning A Successful Summer Student Trip To Myrtle Beach

With classes wrapping up around the country, you and your friends may be trying to decide how to create a successful summer trip that will help you unwind from the school year and create lifelong memories. If you decide to go to Myrtle Beach with a large group of friends this summer, make sure you follow these planning tips to create a successful, enjoyable vacation for your entire party. 

Book Early 

Myrtle Beach tends to be a lively, crowded destination during the summer. This makes it imperative that you book early for the best experience and prices, especially if you are part of a large group. Not only should you book your hotel rooms as soon as you know your travel dates, but you should also book any specialty entertainment such as concerts, classes, or extreme activities that you want to take part in. This will ensure that there is enough room and time for your entire group as well as allow you to ask for group discounts when you book. 

Book Enough Hotel Rooms to Ensure Privacy 

If you are going with a large group of friends, you may be tempted to book as few hotel rooms as possible in order to save some money, especially if you do not plan to be in the hotel very often. However, if you are staying for a few days, having enough hotel rooms for everyone offers a comfortable place to sleep and privacy when someone in your group needs to down time. While you can usually book up to four people in a hotel room that has two double beds, you might want to consider keeping rooms to two occupants. 

Book At Least One Hotel Room With a Kitchen 

Constant dining out can be one of the most expensive parts of summer vacation. If you are trying to do your student holiday on the cheap, then you should consider booking at least one suite among your friends that has a partial or full kitchen. This way, you can store snacks to keep you charged throughout the day and night and prepare fast, cheap meals for yourself. Additionally, this will allow you to enjoy coffee and other hot drinks in the morning and cold drinks throughout the day, on days when you decide to stay near your hotel. 

Plan Some Free or Low-Cost Activities 

Myrtle Beach has an abundance of free and low-cost activities that you and your friends can take part in. The 60 miles of beaches are free to enjoy, so you should definitely plan some days swimming and lounging. However, you should also take some time away from the beach to enjoy free festivals and concerts around the city.

For low-cost treats, consider one of the adrenaline-inducing specialties such as the human sling-shot or a helicopter ride over the city. These activities can help you make summer memories that you and your friends will cherish.  

Plan to Get Off the Beaten Path 

To kick your vacation up a notch, consider taking an adventure tour while you are in Myrtle Beach. There are several options available that range from horseback riding to ATV tours to kayaking. While some of your vacation should be spent relaxing and enjoying your summer freedom, you should also make sure to challenge yourself and stay active throughout your trip. To help decide which of these activities would be best for your group, ask your hotel if they offer any discount packages or free transportation to one of the more scenic activities in the area. 

Myrtle Beach can be a great place to relax and have fun with your friends. Following these tips will help ensure that you make the most of it.